Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Twilight...New Moon!

Okay folks, I'm just going to say it now... if you're not a Twilight fan, you may want to leave the building! (Or at least the vicinity of the computer screen) Those Twilighters are
Both the cakes above and below are along the same lines, mimicking some of the aspects of the Twilight series book covers. Both are buttercream-iced with fondant accents, as well as fondant apple and chess pieces. But judging from the fang marks on the cake below, I'd say someone got a bit hungry before the cake was even sliced! (Must have been red velvet!)

This cake emulates the amulets! The ones ALL loyal bloodsuckers, um, I mean Cullens wear... are you wearing your Cullen crest? Or would you consider yourself:

Now that is some wolf-y goodness right there.

This cake was brought to a movie theatre, which was rented out for a big New Moon themed birthday party! So we made a big movie reel cake, with a fondant clapboard on top, and movie scenes piped all around the perimeter.

But you don't have to wait for the next new moon... or full moon, or crescent for that matter. Get your FORKS out right now...Your next special occasion cake is just a phone call away!