Sunday, January 24, 2010

Comin' at ya live, 3-D CAKES! (No silly glasses required)

Hello again, loyal Sugarlips fans! Today I thought we'd show off a few of our more recent 3-D cakes! These cakes take a lot of time to plan out, sculpt and finish, so they are among the most laborious cakes we make. They are also a super-fun addition to any special occasion!

It's in the bag!!
This cute-as-can-be purse cake was ordered for a bridal shower, and the wedding colors were taupe and raspberry, with gerber daisies. Other than that, the design of the purse was left up to us! Notice the metallic hardware, and even the "sewn" seam edging. The strap fell casually along the back. Everything you see is edible! It's a shame you have to cut it!

Welcoming a new little princess
This gorgeous 3-D tiered castle cake was ordered for a huge lavish baby shower, to welcome a much anticipated little sweetheart! This full-view pic fails to show the close-up detail, but the castle has diamond-paned windows with wooden shutters, gothic door, and ivy/vines with well over 100 cupped pink flowers. The castle surface was a variegated silver-painted fondant with piped brick-work and gumpaste turrets. Whew! A lot of work!!

You can't help but wonder what's in the bag???
Get your mind out of the gutter, this bag is full of delicious CAKE! We love to make 3-D shopping bags! They turn out so darn cute. Even the tissue paper is an edible rice paper, airbrushed with edible color and luster dust. We also make an edible receipt, totaling up the goods, and adding your special message, often with a pun or two!

Who doesn't LOVE to get a present?
Presents are welcome at ANY special occasion, especially when they contain something tasty. We can take your party's theme colors and produce an elegant, whimsical, or even masculine present cake design, complete with an edible bow and tag. Partygoers can hardly wait for the guest of honor to unwrap this one!!

Aren't you hungry for Sugarlips now?
Making a cheeseburger cake is a blast, however I always go home hungry for a burger. This cake is all buttercream iced, with fondant "cheese", for Leeah's 12th b-day. Don't like onions? Hold the pickles? Hold the lettuce? Special orders don't upset us!!
Ahhhhh, Sugarlips... I'm lovin' it.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Cute, The Weird, and The Creepy

...But YOU DECIDE which is which!!
Now, I think you have to be just a little off your rocker to work at a custom cake shop like Sugarlips. Just mildly wacky. So when a customer says they'd like a cake shaped like a yellow Speedo, you just nod and calmly ask what flavor.
And my sincere apologies for the lapse in blogs; it has been beyond busy here at the cake shop! I resolve to get my rear-in-gear, blog-wise! Without further ado...

Yep, my pal Lesa insisted upon a cougar cake for her BIG 4-0! Although we thought the leopard print might get the point across, if that makes any sense... my favorite part is when she asked for "surprised skulls" on the top tier. Hey, we're Sugarlips, we can handle that. (Rawr!)

I hand some mixed feelings about this request, and I could have really used a hand on hand-modeling these fondant appendages, but I really hand to hand it to myself on the final handiwork. And congrats to Mr. Yee for securing the hand of such a fine young woman. Let's all give him a big hand.
Note: No hands were actually severed during the making of this cake.

...when THIS little number was unveiled at the company birthday party. Yes, this was a corporate cake for "November birthdays". That's all the woman said when ordering a porkchop-shaped cake for 40 people, to be delivered to an office building, for a company that has nothing to do with pork. Hey, "don't ask, don't tell", that's what I always say.

And I'll never forget how cute this little guy turned out. Modeled after a buttercream cake our client found on a cake decorating website, where hobbyists send in their creations. Wish you could see his little 'bum' and tail from this shot; almost cuter than the front view.

I am only poking good-natured fun at this one; I thought this couple's idea was a total riot! Seriously folks, a good sense of humor will get you VERY far in a marriage, and this couple has it in spades. A Halloween Night reception, with a buttercream-iced topsy-turvy cake. Fondant couple has "fallen" from the top where they should be and are now face-down in the icing, little champagne bottles still in-hand.
Notice also, the spooky tree, moon, and bats coming out of the top. I just loved this one. Oh heck, what am I saying, I LOVE THEM ALL!