Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween is coming!!!

And oh, how I LOVE Spooky-Cake time!!!

Some brave souls started the celebrations early by theming their special occasions in a creepy-like way...

A birthday AND a new job? That IS scary!!
This cake casts an eerie glow on the whole situation! I can almost hear a cackling in the distance... Oh wait! It's only...
Witchy Barbie?!
Of course! Barbie is everywhere! And today, she's in Marina's magically delicious birthday cake! Looking spook-tacular as always, Barbie!

That's five fondant ghosts wishing Hannah a Happy 5th Boo-day! Oooo, I see some icing eyeballs looking on, in the border.
We appreciate those brave enough to raise the Halloween spirits a week early!

This week we expect much more of the same, and love every minute of creating gory, creepy cookie and cake creations! We sure love this spooky-sweet time of year!

Last but not least...
I simply HAD to add one of my favorite wedding cakes so far this month. This wedding cake was delivered to a gorgeous reception at the Seville in Gilbert. The natural light was divine, and you can better see (in my very non-professional photography!) some of the loving detail we pipe on our cakes.

Read on for more recent weddings and other cakes we had a wonderful time creating!!

Tis the season...

Wedding season, that is!
In the Phoenix area, brides and grooms are plentiful in the spring and fall, when the weather is just right! So this makes October a prime candidate for a flood of weddings. Here, we'll throw on just a few highlights from last week's lovely weddings...

A Golden Glow...
The way the sunlight hit this shimmery gold and white fondant cake was sublime! My favorite part of this was actually not pictured... if you stood behind the cake, you might notice that the cake ornament bride is pinching the groom's tush! (and she looks so innocent from the front!)

Purple Passion
If you love purples, you can't help but love this cake! Three offset, stacked, square tiers, iced in buttercream, and adorned with fresh mums and daisies. Perfectly sweet in a backyard wedding setting.

Just Plain Cool
The pics just can't do this one justice! Designed by a tattoo artist groom, this cake really fit the bill. Tiny red spiderwebs are piped on the top corners of the quilted middle tier, and a bandana-inspired print is piped on the bottom. Turing this cake so the point was the front makes it extra dramatic, as does the red cake board. Way cool.

Simply Elegant!
Beautiful Stargazer lilies separate and top these four tiers in a dramatically elegant way! The combination of the scents of lilies, freesia, and vanilla buttercream icing was exquisite in another lovely backyard setting.

Happily Ever After!
This is definitely the most delicious sand castle you will come across!
Mother of the bride sketched out a tiered cake to resemble a sand castle...complete with an edible stairway and compacted sand finish! (Brown sugar replicates sand the best, in my humble opinion!) No small feat, but it sure came out dreamy! A gumpaste castle facade was carefully fabricated by our sugar artists. We added royal icing "coral" and white chocolate starfish to help complete the look of something built right on the beach.
This cake was picked up and transported by the customer, so we didn't get to see it with the seashells and cake topper they planned to add, but it looked so neat, we wanted to show it here on the blog! Such a fun idea for a wedding cake!!

Girl Stuff!

For the love of shoes...
This cake was ordered by someone's very attentive significant other! I'm always pleasantly surprised to see a guy order his lady a cake with such consideration for her interests! He even brought in the photo of the shoe... you've gotta love that! What a gentleman! Heather, you lucky girl! (Even luckier if the REAL shoes were part of the gift!)

Why yes, they DO rock!!
And speaking of lucky, these young girls must have had a rockin girl party to go along with their matching b-day cakes! Rowr!!

China Girl
This one was modeled after a Pink Cake Box cake... those girls in Jersey certainly do excellent work! We get more requests for cakes styled after their creations than I could shake a pastry bag at! Chloe's sweet 16 turned out to be a real beauty!
As always, excuse our mess in the background of these pics... we are a custom cakery, not a photo studio! Hee hee hee!!

Seeing double??
No, I'm sorry, we cannot recreate the design on your invitations.
This was a very pretty girly lil baby shower, with a Parisian theme...
see cookie favors below...

Oh, if only I took French in school, I could think of something delightfully witty to say here!
These Eiffel Tower cookie favors were custom cut from our special all-butter, baked-from-scratch sugar dough recipe. And if that doesn't make your mouth water, well, c'est la vie!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yea October!

October is in full swing here at Sugarlips, and for Arizona, that means the weather is FINALLY giving us a break and it's time to party! (AND get married!)
That's right, June is NOT the wedding month of choice for AZ brides! Spring and fall are when the weather is perfect around here, and that means, October is busy!!

The Farm at South Mountain
It was a beautiful day this past Saturday at The Farm at South Mountain; the weather was perfect, and the scenery at the farm is so peaceful. This wedding cake was accented with fresh calla lillies provided by God's Garden Treasures, a lovely local florist.
The top and bottom tiers were squares, with the points facing forward; and the middle tier was inscribed with "Lucky to be in love with my best friend"

Tornado Lover!
This birthday cake was for a 5 year-old who LOVES tornados! His mom brought in a photo, which we had printed in edible ink on the cake. Then we decorated around it with airbrushed stormclouds, and blowing sign and tower. I'm sure his party was a real whirlwind!

Remember when all you could think about was getting your license and driving? We've done several license plate cakes, for veteran plates as well as historic vehicle plates, but I think they turn out so cool, I had to highlight Zach's here on the blog... and hey- let's be careful out there!

Now, there must be some Halloween magic in the air, because we had two wizard cakes this past week! One was a 1/4 sheet decorated to look like a spell book, and the other was more of a pretty/cutesie style for a young girl. As the Hogwarts gang would say... WICKED!!

That ends this week's blog... keep your thinking caps on about how YOU can celebrate your next occasion with a really cool Halloween style cake!
And make sure you stop by Sugarlips Cakery for some wicked treats of your own! The shop is all decked out with spooky decorations and music, so put it on your list of places to celebrate the season with the kiddies this month!