Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween is coming!!!

And oh, how I LOVE Spooky-Cake time!!!

Some brave souls started the celebrations early by theming their special occasions in a creepy-like way...

A birthday AND a new job? That IS scary!!
This cake casts an eerie glow on the whole situation! I can almost hear a cackling in the distance... Oh wait! It's only...
Witchy Barbie?!
Of course! Barbie is everywhere! And today, she's in Marina's magically delicious birthday cake! Looking spook-tacular as always, Barbie!

That's five fondant ghosts wishing Hannah a Happy 5th Boo-day! Oooo, I see some icing eyeballs looking on, in the border.
We appreciate those brave enough to raise the Halloween spirits a week early!

This week we expect much more of the same, and love every minute of creating gory, creepy cookie and cake creations! We sure love this spooky-sweet time of year!

Last but not least...
I simply HAD to add one of my favorite wedding cakes so far this month. This wedding cake was delivered to a gorgeous reception at the Seville in Gilbert. The natural light was divine, and you can better see (in my very non-professional photography!) some of the loving detail we pipe on our cakes.

Read on for more recent weddings and other cakes we had a wonderful time creating!!

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