Monday, October 26, 2009

Tis the season...

Wedding season, that is!
In the Phoenix area, brides and grooms are plentiful in the spring and fall, when the weather is just right! So this makes October a prime candidate for a flood of weddings. Here, we'll throw on just a few highlights from last week's lovely weddings...

A Golden Glow...
The way the sunlight hit this shimmery gold and white fondant cake was sublime! My favorite part of this was actually not pictured... if you stood behind the cake, you might notice that the cake ornament bride is pinching the groom's tush! (and she looks so innocent from the front!)

Purple Passion
If you love purples, you can't help but love this cake! Three offset, stacked, square tiers, iced in buttercream, and adorned with fresh mums and daisies. Perfectly sweet in a backyard wedding setting.

Just Plain Cool
The pics just can't do this one justice! Designed by a tattoo artist groom, this cake really fit the bill. Tiny red spiderwebs are piped on the top corners of the quilted middle tier, and a bandana-inspired print is piped on the bottom. Turing this cake so the point was the front makes it extra dramatic, as does the red cake board. Way cool.

Simply Elegant!
Beautiful Stargazer lilies separate and top these four tiers in a dramatically elegant way! The combination of the scents of lilies, freesia, and vanilla buttercream icing was exquisite in another lovely backyard setting.

Happily Ever After!
This is definitely the most delicious sand castle you will come across!
Mother of the bride sketched out a tiered cake to resemble a sand castle...complete with an edible stairway and compacted sand finish! (Brown sugar replicates sand the best, in my humble opinion!) No small feat, but it sure came out dreamy! A gumpaste castle facade was carefully fabricated by our sugar artists. We added royal icing "coral" and white chocolate starfish to help complete the look of something built right on the beach.
This cake was picked up and transported by the customer, so we didn't get to see it with the seashells and cake topper they planned to add, but it looked so neat, we wanted to show it here on the blog! Such a fun idea for a wedding cake!!


  1. Love the Happily Ever After cake - must have been for a pool setting since there are no beaches in Arizona - maybe 100,000 years ago, but not now.

  2. Wow! after seeing this page, I'm getting a custom cake for my birthday!

    You guys are good.