Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Everything's coming up roses!

It was a very busy Valentine's Day at Sugarlips, so I thought I'd start off with some roses! But the truth is, I only have time for a tiny blog today. So the following highlights five tiny items!

Roses are red...
...hey these roses sure smell sweet! Of course they do, they're made of sugar! These lovely roses and the following fondant pieces are handmade by our cake artists at Sugarlips!

was the recipient of this pawsitively adorable pink poodle cake? (She'd have to be barking mad not to be howling with delight over it.) Don't roll your eyes, I live fur puns, and you know you're just lappin' it up... Throw me a bone here!

I don't know if this little guy should be monkeying around with his number two, but it looks like that what's about to happen! (I can't watch!)

They're taking the plunge!!
This was a close-up of an engagement cake for a couple that met playing water polo... I suppose you really can find "other fish in the sea"!

Kat's ME-OW!
This cool kitty left her little footprints all the way up Kat's two-tiered 15th birthday cake! What a naughty girl! But I guess she couldn't resist such a tempting ball of yarn...

Can YOU resist one more day without an adorable treat from Sugarlips?? Don't paws...call today! 480-292-8891 Or visit our website for more cool pics and info. Me-OW!


  1. Your cakes are fantastic! I am a culinary arts student right now and I am very interested in doing cakes. Are you looking to hire anyone?

  2. Hi There!
    I was in your adorable shop a few weeks ago. (I mostly spoke with Melody) I did a review of your shop on my blog. I thought I would send you the link just in case you wanted to take a look.


    I can't wait to come back on a Friday! :)
    Take Care,