Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome back to the Latest Licks, highlighting the cakes of the week!

This cool wedding cake was our first to go out to the the awesome Valley Ho in Scottsdale. We were excited about this delivery and hope we end up with more; we love anything retro-inspired, and that entire building is just soaked with the 60's! I took a shot here at the shop of this 3-tiered, square cake, stacked askew, trimmed with silver ribbon, and loaded with over 200 silver dragees, and then carefully transported it, seemingly back in time, to the Tropicana Room. The only thing missing was a beehive hairdo. Awesome.

Yes, I did say coo... this was a Parisian themed baby shower cake in ivory and black. We based this one largely off a Cake Boss cake that one of our lovely customers submitted. Too cute, and a refreshing change from booties and blocks, of course!

I absolutely ADORE this color scheme! Who would be so daring to request turquoise and red? Today's generation of teens is nothing if not daring! They pierce their own ears and color their hair blue and pink... leave it to them to present me with "EPIC" design ideas! (Although in MY day I would have said "bitchin!")

Another retro thing I lovey-dove! This new nursery pattern for babies!! How cute is this, and calming too. Apparently, sold at Target, this bedding, etc. looks like a million bucks. I was glad to make a matching cake. This one is a half-sheet, iced in buttercream, and accented with fondant. If you're wondering, the "X" is for Xavier, the lil' guest of honor.

If you can't decide, get the best of both worlds. This is really just to remind you that we make super-cute decorated cookies. They make perfect party favors, and everything is custom. No more party favors that your guests will get home and throw away. And it won't end up in their next garage sale either. As my dad would say, "Every bite a delight!"

Okay, let's not forget actual cupcakes! PURSE-onally, I often cannot decide which I like the best. One day I'll CLUTCH a cookie, then I'll BUCKLE down and have a cupcake instead. If I'm not too STRAPped for cash, I'll have both. Okay, I'm ZIPPING it for now.

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  1. I Love love love that black and white cake- the flowers look amazing!! Great blog- can't wait to see more!!